11 October 2007

Disembarking and Tap Water

An observation:

Why is everyone in Germany in such a hurry to . . . what's the word in English? Disembark? Oh well, they all get up really early to get off buses or trains, even as we pull away from the last stop. I think it's hilarious. They all end up waiting in line for everyone to get off, and I stand up at the very end and walk directly off, bypassing all those other people with my super-fast walk (I thought it was normal until Tanya taught me otherwise). I think the people who are staying on for future stops are always surprised when I stand up, as if they think the doors are about to close without me, even though there are still people who need to get on.

Another observation:

I and a few other Americans are still holding out as the only ones I've seen who drink water from the tap. Germans either think it doesn't taste good or it's not safe, but we're still living . . . I'd almost rather drink unsafe water than drink that bubbly stuff that tastes like it came from a fish tank. Plus, I don't have to pay to lug around full bottles and return empty ones.

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