01 September 2007

Saturday in Manchester

James's football tournament was today. They played on three different pitches (fields), so Marie and I moved around our chairs as we withstood the cold. Several locals remarked at me being bundled up against the cold, saying that it wasn't "that cold."

I found the contrast very interesting between the fact that they don't enforce the feet-on-the-ground rule for throw-ins, but they have scouts looking for talented seven-year-olds.

James's team won or drew in every ten-minute match. There are differing opinions on the number of goals James scored; it was either three or four or five.

Shortly after we returned to the house, my luggage arrived with everything in it but a lot of awful-looking smears all over it. My lovely red suitcase is now really dirty and beat. I wonder where it went. Obviously since it took so long it went to a few places besides Ireland.

We passed the time talking and playing games and watching Marie's favorite movie, Tammy. We really wanted to watch the Mormon Pride and Prejudice, but it is the only movie file on my computer that won't work! Jez (that's Simon's brother) brought me into Mancester to a posh place called "Stock." I tried ostrich and fennel, both of which were lovely. We talked about languages and Mexicans sticking to themselves and loads of other things. Eventually we went back to talk to Si and Marie for an hour.

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