13 September 2007

Organs, the Musical Kind

Many of you know that I have a fascination with organs. It's such a curious obsession, really, since I think organs make horrendous sounds that aren't really enjoyable to hear, at least not the way a violin or a cello or a piano is enjoyable.

It's the power I like. Call me power-hungry, but how many musicians can really claim that their instrument is powerful? How many instruments can completely awaken with a rumble every snoring person in an afternoon congregation? How many instruments can make you feel the star-spangled banner in your bones? Huh?

One other thing not having to do with power, organs are unpredicatable. They have such a wide variety of features, such as hidden power switches, tiny and large pipes, and differing numbers of keyboards. How many musicians play with their hands and their feet?

Call me crazy, but for all these afore-mentioned reasons, I think I will continue taking pictures of organs from around the world (and playing them when permitted) and put them into an oversized, artsy book that I hope the librarians will purchase for the SLCLS.

1 comment:

  1. That is an awesome idea, especially for all those organ lovers that need a coffee table book :)! I love how you obsess over organs. But I must remind you that the painter/chimney sweeper plays an instrument with more than just his hands and his feet (ahaha)! Now that was cool . . I could see you playing that too!