17 September 2007

Bawk Bawk!

We played an awesome game at family night tonight. I don't even know if I can begin to explain. Here goes:

1. Everyone, sitting in a circle, puts their hands up to their eyes as if mimicking binoculars.
2. Someone starts by moving one hand down and saying, "Bawk" (like a chicken, I think).
3. If the person used their right hand, the turn moves to the person on the right. He or she can either say, "Bawk" and move the right hand as well, or say, "Bawk Bawk" while moving both hands down (which reverses the direction), or mistakenly use the left hand.
4. If the wrong hand is used (the left hand when going to the right or the right when going left), that hand may not be used in the game anymore. So if Johnny's right hand is dead because he used it when the "Bawks" were going left, when they come right, Johnny must be skipped because he can't do a right-handed "Bawk." When you only have one hand to use, you may not reverse the direction. You can also lose a hand by hesitating too long.
5. Keep going faster and faster until people get out.

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