24 August 2007

Friday Near Fenway

Kay, that was really weird. I just turned around to type on my computer and felt like I was going to faint. Today turned out to be just lovely. (What day in Boston wouldn't be lovely?) My feet didn't fall off, they just turned red.

I saw the Museum of Fine Arts, and my oh my were there some fine arts! I couldn't believe all the big names. If Mrs. Syrett, my old art history teacher, hasn't been there, she should totally go. I also liked the contemporary Japanese display questioning the concept of things being too cute, or "kawaii" I think it was, to cover problems. I enjoyed seeing the old pianos in the musical instrument room, but I didn't enjoy listening to the guard there talk to me for 50 minutes even though I ignored him while I read about different instruments and said I had to go several times. His motorcycle-riding outfit matches his green motorcycle, and he thinks rock climbing is dangerous (I said, "That's what bullayers are for," but he seemed to believe a movie he saw instead). Yes, I filmed him. I have no idea what I was saying at the end. It's incredible he never noticed my lack of interest.

I also took a picture of myself at the Boston University English Department. I totally scared this lady who was coming out of the bathroom (unintentionally), only to find out a few moments later that she was the English department secretary.

I'd heard earlier this week that people were meeting at the chapel for baptisms, so I had packed my bag for the occasion. Unfortunately, while packing, I realized that I packed my white skirt but forgot a slip, so the black skirt it was! Anyway, I was going to get dinner on the way to the chapel, but I didn't want to pay nine bucks for a sandwich, so I went to the Hi-Rise Bakery which closed early! So I walked back around the block (blocks here may take you to somewhere completely different since they're not square) and said, "I'm back!" at the sandwich shop. As the girl made my sandwich, I discovered the sign that said, "Purchases with plastic must be at least 20 dollars." Yikes! I didn't want to go to a bank like she suggested. I told her I had six dollars and 25 cents. She picked some smaller pieces of bread and sold the sandwich to me with a wink. We talked as she made the sandwich (which, by the way, had amazingly savory seeds of some kind on it), and we had a lot in common. She had been to Germany because she had been dating a German. She broke off their engagement (we high-fived on this one, it took two tries). She's been to England. So I waved goodbye to her with my cheaper sandwich and headed for the chapel where I waited for an hour to no avail. I got a lot of good reading in, took a picture of myself at Longfellow's house, and played the organ, but no one showed.

I met up with Tiffany Evans, who turns out to be a really cool girl who graduated from Olympus with my brother Jeff. She took me on a triple date (yep, she bought my ice cream-filled cupcake/brownie). We went with friends of hers to the Italian festival, looking at earrings and dresses and trying free samples. She is really cute and friendly and smart. Tomorrow we're going to the beach.

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