03 July 2007


What does the word "vacation" mean to you? Does it mean driving or flying, a place to stay, places to see, and food to eat? That's what it means to me. Apparently, the company that offered me a free vacation just meant a place to stay for two nights and a two-hour lecture about their resorts. That didn't float with me, especially as the allotted time to transfer the package without being charged a cancellation fee was passed before I even received the info in the mail!

After two and a half hours of phone calls, I was able to keep my cool and figure some things out. The woman kept saying that the supervisor would call me as promised the day before, and I finally said, "Your supervisor is going to call me on the 4th of July?" When she returned to the line, the fee had been waived.

However, the package can be transferred to someone else. I mean, the two nights can be transferred to someone else for travel in the next year. I would use it, but I won't be in the country. Anyone?

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