06 July 2007

Colonial American Political Literature?!?

Yesterday I came upon a crisis. After having thoroughly convinced myself on Wednesday that Heidelberg would be amazingly awesome and exactly what I wanted (one year, in a cooler city, etc.), I started my scholarship research yesterday. I also emailed a lady about getting a link to the class descriptions, which I was unable to find. She replied, and to my horror, the classes are a little on the stinky side. Okay, let's just say that they'd be interesting to someone who wants to study international relations and political stuff. I'm not saying those are not interesting subjects in and of themselves, but they have nothing to do with what I want to study! I read and read and re-read the descriptions, searching for some sort of mention of modern American literature, to no avail. The best I could find was a class focusing on Colonial American lit, and just the political stuff at that (such as the Declaration). At first, in denial, I tried to justify studying something I didn't want to study. Ha ha. That's like me studying medicine because Harvard is cool and gave me a scholarship. Pshaw. I mourned for hours and resigned myself to planning on Leipzig again. The only source of comfort I could find was the plethora of fascinating classes offered at Leipzig: women's studies, postmodern American lit, literary theory galore. (Notice how I didn't end that last sentence in an exclamation point? I just couldn't, I'm still mourning.)

This morning I looked at the descriptions again and emailed a professor who studied postmodern American literature to see if it is as bad as it looks. Cross your fingers. He may reply with, "Dear Michelle, Of course you may focus your thesis on postmodern American lit. Unfortunately, you would still have to take all the classes that have nothing to do with it. I would suggest you go to Leipzig. Have fun doing two years in a lame city after thinking about only one."

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