09 June 2007

Additional River Rafting Trip Items

Some things I forgot to mention:

I left a black shirt in one of the dories. I don't think I'll ever see it again.

Peeing was so funny. The first day, people were shy about going in the water. The first of us to squat down while holding onto a boat got a lot of us looking at her, wondering what was going on. Then someone yelled, "Diane, what are you doing?" She responded without batting an eye, "What do you think?!?" After a couple of days, it became no big deal. We asked everyone if they wanted to jump in with us because we needed to go.

The unit was better than any outhouse. It even had great views of the river, bushes, and poison ivy.

Spiders did not bother me out there. That's where they belong.

When your eyes are itching from allergies, and you have just put sunscreen on your hands, do not scratch your eyes.

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