02 May 2007

Golden Swirl and Life

I had trouble sleeping last night (we're back to the old neck and shoulder troubles, completely linked to stress), and when I got back to sleep I dreamt that I got a job at Golden Swirl again. Everything was exactly the same except for the location (somewhere in a Salt Lake City business building) and the blender (it did really well, but it just didn't have that black thing with which you poke the stubborn stuff down). Everything was going well, I easily fell back into the old routines, and the girl who was training me was impressed. The only problem was that I couldn't find things. I would look and look for the medium cup and I couldn't find a single bag of cups anywhere. I was about to look in the attic with seven customers waiting when the girl who was training me came back and pointed at them, right where I had looked. This happened several times. I couldn't find the right thing, I'd look in the logical place and not find them, and then she would point in the exact same place and there they'd be.

Now, I'm not much for dream interpretations, even though I do plan to write a book full of them some day just to make money. (It is my theory that even if I put right in the front that these interpretations were made up on no basis whatsoever, people would still buy the book.) However, this dream just seemed to apply. I'm looking in all sorts of directions for something to make my life fulfilling, but I just can't find the right thing. Do I need someone to point it out to me?

If I eat frozen yogurt every day, will I get better at figuring things out? Ha ha.

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