11 April 2007

D is for Delirium

I'm sorry. I just can't help laughing. "Delirium." During institute today, that is what the institute stalker boy's response was for "What are things that might cause problems in a marriage?" Our teacher remarked that a lot of the problems start with D, like debt, and depression, and decisions. The infamous member of our class called out, "Delirium!" I had to hand it to the teacher. He said, "Yeah, I could add that. You know, never in my ten years of teaching this class has anyone said that one."

This was after I was passed my third note from this kid. A note that every person who passed it had the enjoyment of reading. An elementary-type note. A note that said, "Michelle, two questions: 1. Why do you act so indifferent/cold towards me? 2. I am going to Fashion Place after class. May I please give you a ride? Your friend, Soandso."

For your information, the first definition of "delirium" in my handy spelling bee prize Webster's New World Dictionary (1996) is "a temporary mental disturbance, as during a fever, marked by confused speech and hallucinations."

Could you handle delirium in a marriage?

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