23 April 2007

Crotchety Old Guys at the Pharmacy

Sica and I walk into the pharmacy and see two people working there who are family of one of Jeff's baseball friends. We make gregarious remarks about the amazing writing on this sign and how it must have been written for crotchety old guys, because it says, "We are pharmacists, not insurance agents."

After a short wait, the girl calls my name. She says, "Well, your insurance isn't very good," and tells me the total. Yikes-o-rama! I said, "Would you mind if I'd rather die from allergies?" Yeah, I turned into the crotchety old guy, but who wouldn't? The total was $210! She said she'd leave the prescriptions on the shelf and I could come in to get the other one tomorrow. Ya. I don't think I'll be going. Chlortab, save me!

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