11 November 2006

Region Volleyball

We lost to the first opponent, with only seven players. I was mad after that because before the game started I mentioned to the officials that the net was over regulation height and they said there was nothing they could do. Most of the girls' serves were just hitting the top of the net and coming right back, so close! Then after the game one of our stake officials came over to say hi and I asked why it was okay for the net to be that high. Right then, the other officials started lowering the net! After the game was over! One of our officials turned straight to the other stake's and said, "What are you going to do about that last game since the net was too high." I cheered inside. Unfortunately, she replied, "The game's done with and they both had a disadvantage." I still wonder what would have happened though. Most of their girls had the ball WAY over the net, so it being lower wouldn't have affected it. Oh well. Then we went to play the second and I realized it was this team we lose to every year--the sunshine team. They have a bunch of cutesy little cheers they do that bug me and they always play really well, well enough that they smash us into the ground. I thought, "Darn, this is probably my last year, I should have coached better and had more practices so that we could beat these guys." Well, one of the girls said, "Oh no, they're good." I said, "Nah, it'll be fine." They kept practicing when the game was supposed to be starting, so I set up the girls in the rotation and the officials took the hint. Everything worked out perfectly! My girls were getting almost all their serves over, there was some good volleying, and even the most indifferent girls on our side actually jumped in a few times and got the ball! We took a few timeouts during significant servers and subbed during their serving, etc. We totally won. Our best servers got four to seven serves in a row. Yay! The third game we won due to a forfeit. Now we'll be playing on Tuesday and Thursday! Go VV8!

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