18 November 2006

Office, This Week Catch Up!

These are pictures I took of my office. Unfortunately, it took me so long to post them that something happened I never predicted: I've moved! Although it was hard for me, I packed everything up the morning after I heard of the possibility of a move: the sooner I could move, the sooner I'd get over it. I had thought that it might be good if the Zone Leader had an office where I was, but I didn't want to entertain the possibility just yet because of the ease of working with Wil right next door. The complications of moving! I had to check port numbers, jack numbers, computer numbers, room numbers, and send them all in a report to a guy who sent the request that took four days to process. I called and asked them to hurry, as our phones had been switched by then and I was receiving Elder Draper's phone calls!

Well, I'm in my new office. Maybe in three months I'll post a picture of it. I do like that it's warmer!

News of this week: training is getting tighter, I created a new schedule this week that took forever but it is more sensible, and I think that now that it's taken off, I won't feel too much like a secretary anymore, like I was feeling this week. Sister Thingelstad went back home, but she left flower pens that right in purple on my desk! I'm not feeling as bad about work, something had happened that I didn't know about that really cleared up the way I was being treated. Although I was feeling ready to get out last week, I'm not so sure this week. I guess I do feel kind of stagnant. Hugh B. Brown talked about how he was turned down for a job because he was Mormon. When he was gardening, he was thinking about how mad he was, and wondering how the Lord could let that happen. He had a beautiful, huge currant bush that had not produced any fruit, so he was cutting it back so it would. He said he could hear the bush saying, "Why are you cutting me down? I'm so big and beautiful." He thought, "Sometimes you have to be cut down to produce fruit." I've been cut down. Does that mean I need to leave to produce fruit? Or does that mean I just needed to be humbled where I am?

I went out with Dan Brinton to the Rach 3 concert last night. (Ironically, he called me to see if I could go right after I was looking at the tickets online and wondering who would go with me.) We clapped Garrick Ohlsson into an encore, and he played Prelude in C# Minor! Yay! Tonight I'm going out with Grandpa's neighbor. On the train today, a deaf guy saw that I was reading a Gideon Bible and started writing messages to me. He asked if I was Christian and when I was saved. I said that it was an ongoing process. He showed me Ephesians 2:10 about how all those who believe in Christ will have eternal life. I tried to explain that you have to continually be improving and working. Grace and works! He didn't agree. I wanted to show him a scripture, but I couldn't think of one. Right after I got off the train, I found one in the chapter I was reading in Galatians about how we reap what we sow. Hmm. I'll be ready next time! I went to do baptisms and ran into the biggest group EVER! I was sitting on the stairs waiting for my turn and I realized that with 17 girls ahead of me and more guys than that on the other side, at five minutes a person, I would be there for at least a couple of hours. I left. Am I evil?

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