11 May 2005

I just need a tiny job

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

Well, that was disappointing. I just went and asked for a job that I heard about yesterday that seemed perfect. My coworker at the Family History Library told me last night that I could work in the Genealogy section of the library at BYU, and it sounded so awesome. She said I would get it for sure because I was practically already trained. However, they said that they can't hire just for spring/summer terms. I said, "Well, I'll be looking for a job in the fall anyway, so I could just continue working here." You have to be a student, though. Darn it! It would have been so much better than the other places I've thought of because it's right on campus. Once again, I regret not going to BYU . . . I just have to keep reminding myself that I learned a lot in my time at the U, just not at school (mostly life lessons about relationships and Mormon culture and other non-scholarly things). How sad is that to admit? I'm really disappointed! Maybe I should go back and tell them I'm going to be a student and take some classes down here in the fall. I just don't know what's going on these days. I get to BYU about two and a half hours early for my class. If I took an earlier bus I could definitely take a part-time job on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so that I won't be 500 bucks in the hole when I get back from Germany. Hmm. Well I guess I'll try Stevenson's Genealogy next.

I checked my grades, and they look good themselves, but the GPA doesn't look as nice as I'd hoped. How can two B pluses and an A minus make a 3.43? I was hoping for above a 3.5. Anyway, it's funny that the two classes I worked the hardest in are the two that I got the lower grades in, while the one I sluffed about six times and never read a single assignment is the one that I got an A minus in. Maybe when my last grade is posted it will boost my GPA. I'm hoping that my German professor will decide that I improved so much that I deserve an A. THEN, oh my gosh! I checked my BYU independent study class grades! She's graded all but one of them, and on the second to last and the final project that took me forever, she gave me B minuses! That makes me so mad. If she had given me feedback when she was supposed to, I could have known for what she was looking. Sorry I'm complaining so much. Now I've really got to do my homework before class starts.

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