24 April 2005

Gut the fish!

(Transferred from my old blog on 30 October 2009.)

I'm just very glad to be able to hang out with a lot of guys, although sometimes I think it would be really nice if one of them showed interest back and I actually still felt interested. Usually I flirt until they show interest back, and then, for some reason, I lose interest. Tanya said that I just like the chase. I told Kendra about it, and we came up with an analogy. I like fishing. I like standing there with my hook seeking a fish, but I don't like to gut the fish. I just let it go. She kept saying, "Enjoy gutting the fish!" My phone right now says, "Gut the fish." Then Tanya said that I seem to like the ones that are unavailable more, and that is true as well. I wonder if they became available if I would like them as much. Anyway, some day I will like someone enough that once we start to date I'll continue to do so and enjoy it and him.

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