09 April 2005


(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

So I am doing Spring Semester at Brigham Young University. It's like a two-hour bus ride. Whew. I'm not very excited for that, except that at least I can get homework done. I figured that since I'll be down there three days a week anyway, I should just take the classes I was planning on doing independent study before August - German and contemporary American literature from 1960 on. I have so much to do before this semester ends! Plus, my next semester starts before this one ends, so I've got to hurry and tie everything up. No one told me it was April already. It's not fair.

I went to "Slipper and the Rose" with Mom, Heidi, Grace VanDenBerghe, and Sica yesterday. It was kind of lame, but there were some funny parts. When the prince first sees Cinderella when she has the shoe (or slipper), it's a mad house at the town square. Everything goes slow-mo as they play "Moonlight Sonata" and he swirls around people trying to get to her, and the shoe gets passed from person to person as they beat each other up. It was so funny!

I saw Boo McDonald (I don't even know her first name, that's sad) and I asked her how she likes being an aunt to Morgan and Aaron's baby. She said that the baby just turned one and Morgan is four months pregnant. Whoa! I told Mom and she gave me like three examples of people who have closer kids.

Whenever I think about Janice, my piano teacher, I feel badly. I'm sure she hated having me come because I NEVER practiced. That's why it took me like two years to learn my last piece. I think that she just enjoyed talking to me. Oh well. I've been practicing a lot lately. Isn't it funny how once you don't have to you have more motivation, or if you've got something like homework to do, you find more time to play? Last night I just opened the Classics book and played random songs. I liked them a lot.

Yesterday, Mom was driving me to school (very generous of her), and we were talking, having a jolly old time, when I saw something next to me. I looked over, and a black and white spider was coming down from the ceiling! It landed next to my knee! There was nothing I could do and nothing Mom could do because she was driving. I was screaming as it jumped around (it was one of those weird-movey jumping ones, and a big one, I promise). I finally wiggled my way into the backseat and tried to hit it with the scraper, but it connected with its web first, sending it flying somewhere! I stayed in the back the rest of the ride. Sica found it later and brushed it outside . . . in Bountiful, thank goodness! My carrots are HUGE! I thinned them out yesterday. On Thursday, it got up to 70 degrees and there was a nice breeze, but yesterday, it rained like it would never stop. All the rain we've been getting has been awesome. You should see Temple Square. It's SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the purpley-blue flowers with the very spring green.

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  1. (Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

    from Tiezerk:

    May 5, 2005 16:50:01
    I saw Temple Square, and I’m thinking that you're on to something; Temple Square is always astonishingly beautiful, especially this time of year; moreover, I believe Temple Square is beautiful any time of year); run-on sentences are also beautiful this time of year, run-on sentences exhibit beauty especially if they have at least two semicolons and ‘ute-ilize’ the word ‘beautiful’ at least three times; however, I fear I may have misused my semicolons and I fear I may have overindulged in my use of the word ‘beautiful’; nevertheless, everything I have labeled as 'beautiful' is beautiful; even the rain dripping down my windshield is beautiful as it saves me from having to wash my car; therefore, all the above being said, never forget what Lewis Thomas said about semicolons