24 March 2005

Options and Objectives

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

Here are my choices:

1. Graduate in August and audit those classes I want while I work part-time at the Family History Library.
2. Don't graduate in August, take the classes to graduate in December, work at FHL part-time.
3. Graduate in August, work full-time somewhere, audit one of the afternoon classes (Magazine Editing).
4. Graduate in August, work abroad in Zurich (I found this job with awesome benefits there, but it has no editing experience).
5. Do this editing internship at BYU during May and June, graduate in August, then work there full-time in the fall.

My objectives:
1. Graduate at the latest in December.
2. Get editing education, either through classes or hands-on experience.
3. Earn enough to save up for my mission, and possibly more for later.

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