08 December 2004

Spoiled record

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

I seriously have this burning uncontrollable desire to go on a mission to Switzerland, and by saying that, or typing that, I probably jinxed my chances. I really am so excited to get to go next year. I almost wish it was this year! I can't wait to tell people how awesome the gospel is! How cool would that be to show the Bieris how missionaries work? Plus, I could finally learn the real Swiss-German that you can't learn any other way than to live there for a long time, since it isn't a written language.

All of my papers just state examples. That's the extent of my learning, it seems. It's much better than it used to be, though. All of my profs wrote: "You tend to skip to the end of the story being discussed. Please analyze how the story gets there and back up your argument with examples." Now, all I do is find examples that back up my thesis, and type something like this: "His blindness gives him more wisdom than when he could see: “I have no way, and therefore want no eyes;/I stumbled when I saw'” (IV.I.19-20)." Ha.

Well, I spoiled my 22 and growing record of not seeing Matt. The ironic thing is, I did it for Mom, who dislikes Matt's presence at any time. Mom was freaking out because she couldn't find this font for her Thanksgiving cards, and she said that she needed a scanner to send a sample so they would know what it was. I called Matt, he picked up the cards, and emailed a sample. If that doesn't work, he has a font creator, so possibly he will just re-create the font. I was disappointed that I ruined the record. Matt had this girl in his car who Josh has a crush on, so that was weird. And, when I went out to meet her, she practically ignored me when I introduced myself, and didn't look at me at all. Strange. I talked to Josh about her, and he said that she stopped talking to him and is obsessed with Matt. Then I was talking to Sam the other day, and he said that he was hanging out with this girl after Matt went home, and I asked, "What girl?". Guess who? How weird is that arrangement. Josh kept trying to date her, she's obsessed with Matt, and Sam hangs out with her . . .

Grandma is not doing well. I so want to quit my job so that I can be with her. So many older people just tell themselves that they'll stay until Christmas, and then they let go and leave this world. What do I do? I mean, obviously it is more worth it to be with your family, but I have a lot of things to pay for, and Mom was the one who reminded me that when I told her what I wanted to do. Bah! At least last week I told Suzanne that I could either quit or work a ton less because I wanted to spend time with Grandma. She said she understood and chose the "work less" option.

When I was little, I told Mike that I didn't like my name, because it had a "swear word" in it (hell). Ha ha.

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