08 December 2004

Relieving Dentist Visit, Copy-cats

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

I went to the dentist, and the assistant asked me if I ate a lot of chocolate, then scraped all of that gross goober off. Ron said I might want to go to a periodontist to check on my lower gums. Then I talked to him the whole time in German and he talked about Mom and we tried to get her to figure out just one phrase, but she couldn't. Don't you hate when you're mad at yourself because you're mad about something that you shouldn't be mad about? Yeah, well, Charla has these little things in the boutique that are just like the ones I had her fire for a previous boutique, but they're longer. Bah! I haven't said anything, but I mean, that's my idea! I would have even done some more this year if I had had time! Get over it, Michelle.

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