08 December 2004

kissing, Matt (not together), and BoM giveaway

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

So I just got an email that I'm not getting the chance to have an interview for the Ensign. That's disappointing in ways (of course, hard on the worth of writing samples in a portfolio), but in other ways it's very relieving. Now I will have time to take classes and hang out with my family, while only working three days a week! Sweet. Anyway, I just saw my high school English teacher here at the library. She has a baby now. Whoa. She's a cute baby, too. I was glad that I was able to help her. As soon as she said the name of the book that she couldn't find, I knew where it was! It's sad that I know so much about the library and how it works and current books, and yet I'll be leaving at the end of December. I went to the "Seussical Musical" last night at Brighton High with Clay's family. It was awesome. The fire alarm kept going off, and they said it was the popcorn machine. Then when I went out in the hall, I saw Kirk Newman pushing around the popcorn machine. hee hee. I blamed it on him and he said he thought it was the cotton candy machine. There were a ton of kids in the musical, and the singing was great. Then when we got back to his house we talked about first kisses, and his dad said that after his, he had turned around and ran into a pole supporting the girl's porch. He didn't know that she had noticed until his 20 year reunion, when she wrote a story about it in the memory book. She said he also danced in the street. Ha! After we talked about that, I was scared that Clay would think that meant I wanted to kiss him soon. Which I don't. Amy, cuddling is all weird for me now. It makes me think of Matt, and so it seems gross when it's some other dude, when the weird thing is that I don't even want to cuddle with Matt. I hadn't talked to him for ELEVEN days! Then yesterday he called, and I just automatically picked it up without thinking, so then I was mad at him for ruining the record and at myself for answering. Bah! Anyway, so I hinted to a co-worked about wanting to go out with Steve three weeks ago, knowing it would get back to him. It did, it just took a while, but he got all nervous for a while. It was hilarious. Well, yesterday I took Katie to lunch at the Museum of Fine Arts (we looked around first), and then I gave her a card I made with a leaf on it and a Book of Mormon with my testimony in it. She said thank you, and that was that.

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