08 November 2004

throwing rocks (in more ways than one)

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

Is it just me or do coffee drinkers smell from the coffee? Eeeeew! So, I need to work harder on school. Help me! I think I need to get my grade up in several classes (from a B or B+, but still). One of my teachers says he doesn't give As. I've worked really hard in that class, and he has to cancel it all the time. I don't think that's fair that he can't dedicate his time when we do, and he still can't give us the grades we deserve.

On Saturday, I left the FHL to drive to Clay's house. I was heading south on I-15 and there were these Mexican dudes on my left in the carpool lane. They kept looking over at me, and I just rolled my eyes to myself and wondered what they were doing. Then they pulled up ahead, and I saw them roll down the window, and throw something out of it! A rock or something came hurtling at me and hit my windshield, cracking it! It freaked me out! I was so MAD! I followed them, wondering what to do, and got their license plate number, then called Mom. She told me to call the police, but I had to wait until I got to Clay's house. I reported all of it, but they never called back like they said they would. Why would anyone DO THAT? Bah!

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