05 November 2004

Things I can't wait to do when I have free time.

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)
There are so many things that I think about doing if I had more time in which to do them. I've been thinking of quitting one of my jobs early (it ends in December anyway) so that I can have more time to dedicate to the things that matter, but I love the people there! It seems so much more worth it, but my mom reminds me that I owe Dad money. Yikes! Last night, I asked him if I could pay it back slowly as a loan. He said, "Only if you stop bugging me about my zits". Hee hee. Then he stuck his chin out at me and I gracefully declined his offer to look by walking away. So, here are the things constantly going through my mind of what I should be doing.

1. Get to know my Savior more personally - read Jesus the Christ and the scriptures and spend more time pouring out my heart to Heavenly Father.
2. Go to the temple more often.
3. Write.
4. Paint, draw, etc.
5. Read lots and lots of uplifting, enlightening, classic books - philosophy, fiction, nonfiction, plays, sonnets, etc. In other words, cross out those lists of books that I've been accumulating for years.
6. Get rid of my STUFF. I don't need all of the junk that I have. A lot of it I just need to scan onto my website and then burn it or throw it away or something.
7. Finish everything on a "to do" list for once.
8. Stop procrastinating.
9. Dedicate my time to schoolwork early on before deadlines.
10. Apply for more scholarships.
11. Study.
12. Garden.
13. Set a good example, live with the light of Christ.
14. Do crafts.
15. Share the gospel fearlessly.


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