11 August 2004


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Thursday, August 5th, 2004

My host Mom's voice is horrible. Poor lady. She says she got her cold from Bettina's competition where it rained so much they had to leave. Ullie forgot that I asked to take the test early, so she didn't have it ready. She kept apologizing, but I was glad because now I can take it on Tuesday. All the passive tenses are confusing. After school we went to the Hauptbahnhof and changed our tickets and then Matt called his dad and had to change his Munich ticket.

Next we took the bus up to the Kunsthalle. (Art hall or museum.) They had a lot of copies of statues that were in my A.P. Art History book, such as Julius Caesar and kouros boys and Aphrodite and the charioteer. Then we went in the non-free part and were stopped to put my bag in a locker and pay for entrance. There were some really cool pieces, as well as strange. Matt liked the room that had silver bon bons in a huge rectangle on the floor. There was a screen in there with a cartoon girl who would raise her eyebrows and blink. ONe had an interesting pattern on it, and on closer look it was numbers, so many numbers!

We went to the opera with the group and got sack dinners and a tour of Eutin. Our tour guide was so awesome. She had flowy, classy white clothing with a red scarf pinned on one side. She also had a little tan hat pinned on her hair. She was so excited about everything, it was funny. In an old church, she told us about a dwarf from the 1600s who was buried there and translated his gravestone (it was behind the altar in the wall). Obviously, she really enjoyed it, because she kept saying her favorite parts animatedly: "Skin like buttermilk!"

The opera was neat, hard to understand (the language, not the storyline), cold (it was an outside stage next to a lake), and long. I fell asleep on Matt and suddenly jerked, kicking a girl's paper bag (of course during a quiet, intense part). I felt so stupid. I laughed for about 20 minutes after that. Then everything else seemed funny. We got back really late. Janke drove me to Molfsee and I picked up stuff for my trip to Oslo, and we dropped everyone else off, and then she dropped me off at Matt's so we could go to the train station together.

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